Best Pickleball Shoes 2024 – Review & Buyer Guide

Last Updated on March 18, 2024

After putting more than 15 pairs of pickleball shoes to the test, I’m excited to share the top performers based on comfort, stability, design, sole, and padding. Throughout my 3 months of dedicated testing, my personal favorite from the list is the Wilson Rush Pro Ace Pickler Shoe.

The high level of comfort, responsive design, classic style, and the fact that it comes in at under $100 makes it my go-to choice. Tailored specifically for pickleball, it strikes the perfect balance between performance and affordability, delivering exactly what I need on the court.

What Type of Shoe Is Best for Pickleball?

The best shoes for pickleball are usually court shoes, made for the fast lateral movements and grip needed on the court. Pick shoes with soles that won’t mark the court, good side support, and enough cushioning for comfort while playing.

Tennis shoes are a good option too, since they have similar movements. When choosing shoes for pickleball, focus on comfort, support, and good traction to play better and avoid injuries.

Wilson Rush Pro Ace Pickler Men’s Pickleball Shoe

The Wilson Pickleball Rush Pro Ace Pickler Wide Shoes quickly won my favor with a focus on comfort and stability, tailor-made for wider feet.

A month of testing on various courts revealed the 4D Support Chassis’ impressive durability, showcasing its resilience. The rubber drag pad shielded my toe box, and the cushioned midsole delivered continuous comfort during intense matches. Quick movements triggered a noticeable rebound effect, reminiscent of Wilson’s Pro Ace Tennis Shoe.

The stylish design is great for a country club, and these shoes are super comfy – they’re my top pick for the best shoes in 2024 because of their supportive arch and cushioned padding.

What I like;

  • Affordable at under $100
  • Classic court styling
  • 4D Support Chassis for stability
  • Rubber drag pad for durability
  • Locked-in heel design
  • Secure lacing


  • Limited color options
  • May feel heavy for some users

Babolat Jet Mach 3

The Babolat Jet Mach 3 has totally changed how I play pickleball. It’s super fast and precise, making it easier to move around the court quickly.

Plus, it’s really light, so I can dart around easily, whether I’m at the back or up at the net. And it’s stable too, so I feel secure when I’m making side-to-side moves. Even after playing for a long time, they’re still going strong.


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • 6 month warranty


  • Less durable

Skechers Slip-ins Viper Court Elite

Skechers’ pickleball shoes are a real find, looking great and performing well on the court. Inspired by Tyson McGuffin, a pro player, I upgraded to the Slip-ins Viper Court Elite after enjoying the Go Train Viper Court last summer.

The new Slip-ins Viper Court is even better, being more comfy, lighter, and letting your feet breathe, thanks to the special mesh. The improved mesh also makes you feel faster on the court. One cool upgrade is the heel pillow on the Slip-ins, making sure your heel stays comfy during quick turns.

When playing competitively, I still prefer Skechers over Wilson. The Slip-ins are better than the Wilson Pro Pickler in grip, making it easier to turn and pivot. The “Arch Fit” in the Slip-ins gives great support, letting me play for a long time without foot pain, especially since my feet tend to turn inward sometimes.


  • ArchFit insole for added support
  • Strong Goodyear outsole
  • Thick heel pillow
  • Worn by PPA players
  • Comfortable and stylish


  • $20 more than the Go Train Viper Court
  • Fast-selling, limited availability in major sizes

Adidas GameCourt 2

The GameCourt 2 pickleball shoe often flies under the radar, but it’s a gem. It’s super light and breathable, perfect for those hot summer matches. Plus, the range of colors it comes in is fantastic. I particularly liked the red and white combo. While it might not have all the fancy extras, it’s got everything you need: breathable mesh, a comfy EVA foam midsole, and a grippy Adiwear outsole for quick moves.

One thing I really appreciate is that it’s made with 50% recycled materials, so it’s eco-friendly too. However, it’s not the sturdiest shoe out there, so if you’re looking for maximum support, this might not be it.

But for a balanced, breathable option at a great price, the GameCourt 2 is hard to beat. Just be aware that it might wear out a bit quicker than some pricier options.

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